Vinyl Mastering

Vinyl Mastering


For the best possible results, please ensure you supply us with the highest resolution audio master files possible, as high as 24 bit/192 kHz but at least 16 bit/44.1 kHz.

Please upload WAV or AIFF files only (no MP3 files). The source audio files should be provided as a single WAV or AIFF format file – one file for each side. Please ensure the spacing between tracks is as intended to appear on the record and supply a list of the track ordering (order of play and side) indicating track IDs.

You can send your files via a file transfer program, “We Transfer” will allow you to send your files for free up to 2gb in size, just add our email as the recipient :- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Analogue Mastering Specifications:

  • Formats: WAV, AIFF, FLAC (lossless) or DDP Image.
  • Bit Rate:  24 bits (16 bits works too) 32 bits is overkill.
  • Sampling Rate:  44,1 kHz or higher.
  • Tracklist:  Tracks with sensible hi end frequencies sound better at the beginning of each side, the highs can sound slightly more distorted and less clear near the end of each side due to less playback speed.
  • Compression/Limiting:  Slight compression/limiting is not a problem if you know what you do, otherwise don’t use it (recommended).

Reference Tracks:

It can be good to send a reference track along, but only AIFF, WAV or FLAC (uncompressed). MP3 is not a good reference because of the data compression, so links to youtube or soundcloud are no good either.

Maximum Side Lengths 12″ Records for optimized sound:

  • Maximum levels, approx. +6 dB: 6 min at 45 RPM, 8 min at 33 RPM.
  • Sufficient levels, approx. +4 dB: 8 min at 45 RPM, 11 min at 33 RPM.
  • For DJ use, approx. 0 dB: 11min at 45 RPM, 15 min at 33 RPM.
  • Maximum playtime albums for optimized sound, approx. -6 dB and lower: 18 min at 45 RPM, 24 min at 33 RPM.
    (Keep in mind this is not possible or recommended with more bass heavy music, a record with just speech might be even longer than 24 min but not recommended).

* Longer playtime is possible but not recommended.


  • Try to use de-essers on vocal tracks in mixing, its better than solving these issues in mastering.
  • Don’t go wild on stereo width enhancers for loud cuts! Keep the stereo content at least lower than half of the mono content, so at least 6db lower (in M/S coding). We use an elliptical filter to transform the lowest stereo information to mono. For loud cuts at least 9 dB difference is nice. Stereo cuts vertical and modulation gets much more limited, which means less hard cuts.