Here at Phoenix Vinyl, we are constantly looking for new and fresh ideas to improve our service and results….  With this in mind we will regularly update this document with the current developments with a brief description on how this will affect our overall results… 

One of the things we are always looking at is audio quality, constantly testing new options and methods to produce better results, currently we are implementing a “direct” to head option for High Quality audio, after multiple tests over the last twelve months this is looking extremely promising, additional hardware has been purchased to finalise this process, the results will be surprising especially if you have had records cut by us before, however this option will not be available across the whole range as sending the audio direct to the head can be dangerous to the head if the audio has not been mastered correctly, and so, if we master the audio prior to cutting this option will be available on your order, this will also be sent to the head via a new audio processing card with “burr brown” chips, these are amongst the highest quality chips available for audio, please click HERE for more details, exciting times around the corner!

BURR BROWN 600x315w

Another of the flaws of lathe cutting Vinyl is the limitation on time, this is due to a “fixed” groove speed controller, once its set the speed remains constant throughout the recording, In a lacquer cut environment made for a pressing plant this groove speed is variable, it speeds up for louder sections and slows for quieter bits, this enables the “maximum” recording time available to be higher than a fixed speed, as you are maximising the efficiency of the groove speed, here at Phoenix Vinyl we are pleased to announce our new “variable groove speed controller” will be added in the studio soon, this will result in an increase in available recording time and a better overall result.

An important element that customers of any brand want is,  if there is a problem or issue with a product can they deal with a complaint quickly and effectively, with this in mind we have purchased and installed a media recorder with  the sole function of recording the actual cut made to your record whilst it is being cut, this will be done for each day and for all cuts, in the unlikely event that the record is flawed, rather than awaiting the return of the Vinyl for testing, we can simply review the actual file recorded at the time of the cut to establish if there are in fact recording errors, this will help speed up any potential complaints to resolution extremely quickly!

We would like to wish you and your loved ones all the best for 2022, lets hope this is a great year!